Skin Renewal: How Quickly does Your Skin Get Used to New Care?

If there is a fire – you can switch to stressed skin

If your skin is already badly damaged, switching to new products alone may not be enough. We are talking here about skin that reacts very sensitively , itches, is reddened, and opens up to full- blown perioral dermatitis . With such a skin condition you are not alone. It is often caused by overcare. Too many ingredients, too many products, too many experiments on the brink of despair – I know, I was there. The skin is overwhelmed and no longer likes.

Here, the gradual changeover can make sense. First, leave out aggressive cleaning products or facial tonic, because they irritate the skin the most. After a week or two, when the skin has calmed down, you can also change the moisturizer . Mild facial oils that you apply to damp skin or a moisturizing serum without alcohol are particularly irritant .

And if your skin simply does not want to calm down ? Give her a break. If she reacts to mild creams or maybe even to clear water, the Rosskur helps . Hard but effective because it gives your skin time to calm down. After 3 days of cosmetic fasting (ONLY lukewarm water is allowed) you can slowly approach a new care routine. The following applies: less is more. Take a cream with a few natural ingredients and apply it sparingly .  

Leider With perioral dermatitis, you unfortunately have to go through zero therapy longer. Around 6 weeks of cosmetics-free time are the order of the day here.

Can cosmetics accelerate skin renewal?

Yes and no. You have very little influence on how quickly the epidermis forms new cells . There are a few things you can do to get rid of dead skin cells faster . The top measure for this are peels . They remove the top horny layer and make your skin look fresher and more even. You get the best results if you exfoliate once or twice a week . You can find out which type of peeling is particularly gentle and what advantages regular peeling brings with it, by the way, with the right peeling everything goes smoothly .  

The cell division speed, so 4 weeks to 2, well, but that would be something! Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You can only support your skin during regeneration. How? By taking good care of yourself . Things have a positive effect that promote blood circulation and prevent oxidation damage. Dos are regular exercise, fresh air, enough sleep, a healthy diet and sensible skin care. The don’ts include a lot of sun, stress and cigarettes. Alcohol isn’t exactly good for the skin either.

Give your skin time to adjust

Conclusion : Perhaps you are immediately happy with your new care strategy. But it can also take some time before you see a real improvement when you change your skin care routine. Your skin renews itself every four weeks. It may take that long to get used to new things. This is especially true if …

… you switch from synthetic ingredients to natural cosmetics because they are metabolized in a completely different way.

… you are over 50 because your skin regenerates more slowly.

… your skin was badly damaged before the change – then the horse cure should go first .

So patience, patience. Skin care is a long run . If you sprint from one product to the next, your skin will quickly run out of steam. That is why ultra-small samples that are only sufficient for one or two applications are not really meaningful. At most, you can only test whether the texture feels good. My tip: Better invest some time in choosing your new care and then give your skin the opportunity to adjust to it .

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