What are The Benefits of Training Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a martial art seen as one of the most aggressive. The brute force that batters the body of the opponent and also your own. It is a complete contact style, with strong blows of elbows and knees. The fights are extremely exciting and attractive, but are they also dangerous?

Benefits of Muay Thai exercise 

It is noteworthy that the practice of Muay Thai brings many benefits to the individual of any age, both women and men, concerning physical, mental and social health.

Benefits for the body 

Among the benefits that Muay Thai practice has for the body, are the following: 

Burn calories 

Effective Muay Thai practice methods allow you to burn an average of 790 calories in a training session of approximately one hour. 

Sharpen reflexes 

With the multiple options to attack, dodge and defend you must be quick and accurate to choose the best move. This will make the brain and muscles communicate with each other efficiently. 

 In a short time, you will discover that you can react to everyday situations quickly, especially under pressure. 

It teaches you to defend yourself 

Muay Thai certification & practice will be useful if you ever need it since it combines punches, kicks, knees, and blows with the elbows. Concerning this, there are a couple of key movements that stand out, such as using the knees and the clinch. 

The clinch is a technique that involves keeping your opponent still while attacking. You can sweep, throw and dominate people up to three times bigger than you without much effort. 

Muscle work 

Practicing this sport will activate all of your muscles and energy systems. Kicking will work your hips and buttocks; hit with the upper body (fists and elbows) you will work your arms and waist, and the grip (clinch) is ideal for working the arms and the middle area. 

A most attractive and healthy body 

It is natural that with the Muay Thai workouts, it tends to improve the physical condition of the person, acquiring a balanced body mass, even the practitioners get to have a better complexion and brighter skin since they are released and expelled with sweat the toxins and waste from the body. 

Improves balance 

The importance of improving your balance lies in factors such as strength and flexibility because by doing clinch you will become an expert of balance, which will allow you to gain control of your body.

Before taking part in a competition or training you should warm-up or take a massage. Muscle massage improves blood circulation, while training speeds up the body’s metabolism and burns fat. 

Thai boxing practice reduces body fat and increases muscles, which improves the sense of full well-being of the individual. 

Training regularly increases endurance and keeps the body in good shape. It also develops skills to assimilate the blows of the opponent and increases tolerance to pain. 

Additionally, it generates resistance to diseases, keeping the athlete healthy and strong.

Psychological benefits 

Many martial artists believe that Muay Thai workout has lots of psychological benefits. Bryce Krause who has trained some best martial artists including 2 weight class ufc champion, Rafael Dos Anjos ucf champion, Bj Penn etc who have also expressed the same opinion about psychological benefits of this workout as follows:

  • The practice of martial arts has multiple physicals, but also psychological, health benefits since it helps improve people’s mood. 
  •  Therefore, the practice of Muay Thai generally helps to significantly improve the abilities and psycho-emotional development of the individual from an early age until he becomes an adult as he advances in the various stages of training. 
  •  In this regard, experts recommend the practice of this martial art, as it also helps control feelings such as anger and builds trust in the person.
  • In the mental and spiritual aspect, Muay Thai hardens you, helping you boost the body’s immune system, providing strength and resistance to the muscles, bringing effects on the psyche of the person, which will make you increasingly more confident in yourself. 
  •  On a spiritual level, it provides peace of mind and stress relief. It also makes a person safer and more aware of life.
  • Frequent practice of exercises is important in Muay Thai because it raises courage, determination, and confidence in the individual. 
  •  In this discipline a good athlete must have confidence in himself, to perform different maneuvers and make timely decisions, as well as being wise and intelligent, so training it means learning all the tactics to face the opponent. 
  •  To be successful in this art, you have to have discipline and be obedient to the directions of the teachers. To complement the tactics, it is necessary to maintain health. 
  •  In this regard, this will lead the practitioner to the development of good manners, honesty, sense of justice and trust.

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